About OGC

Odyssia incorporated in 1992 by George Doukas, Nick Kiskinis and Fotios Sotiropoulos doing small projects.

In 1995, F. Sotiropoulos got an offer from Lucent Technologies, and he joined with the department of Emerging Technologies Group doing migration studies from Analog to Digital CDMA technologies assisting Ameritech in Chicago, GTE in California and Verizon (former Bell Atlantic) in Treton, NJ to migrate to Digital CDMA technology.

In 1996 several carriers throughout the world got the PCS/DCS license from FCC etc, and it was a unique opportunity for F. Sotiropoulos, N. Kiskinis and G. Doukas to migrate to the wireless industry for assisting the new PCS carriers to build their network starting with Sprint PCS. The new name of our company became Odyssia Global Communications (OGC).

Our mission is to empower communication providers through the effective utilization of wireless and wireline communication technologies in order to maximize efficiency, competitiveness and profitability for our clients.

Meet The FounderS

  • George Doukas

    V. President and one of the founders of Odyssia Global communications
    He is constantly communicating with Odyssia’s clients as well as strategic conduct for expanding Odyssia’s horizon with new clients.
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  • Nick Kiskinis
    MS and BS in Chemistry from The Brooklyn polytechnic Institute
    20 years experience in Construction management including:
    - 1992-1997: Supervising the renovation of several apartments and public spaces for NY city & state projects.
    - 1997-2004: Managing the new site build of thousands of cell sites for Odyssia wireless clients including AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint etc in the Tri-state area.
    - 2004-2005: Managing the construction of a new 16 apartments building at 31-32 31th Street, Astoria, NY for Delos LLC.
    - 2005-today: Managing the fiber optic & wireless communication new sites installation for several Odyssia’s clients
  • Fotios Sotiropoulos

    President & one of the Founders of Odyssia Global communication.
    He oversees the marketing strategies of Odyssia Global Communications (OGC) focusing on the emerging technologies to be introduced to OGC’s clients, as well as managing the RF-DAS team dealing with  the RF design and optimization of macro and micro (in-building –DAS) systems.
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