Control And Communications For Railroads

services 2aIn the rail road industry Odyssia designed a telecommunication and control system of the  Hudson–Bergen Light Rail  for New Jersey Transit. A two million project.

For the  Hudson–Bergen Light Rail (HBLR), OGC designed a sophisticated communications and control system utilizing an asynchronous fiber-optic backbone and T1 Multiplexers to collect voice, data and video signals  from various subsystems throughout, the rails, the train stations and the trains.

The subsystems designed in the communications and control system of the HBLR are the following:

  • Control system for finding the location and direction of the movement of the train
  • Emergency call for aid - voice and  CCTV systems
  • Public address information system
  • Wireless voice and data communication system with a train in motion
  • Rail traffic control central equipment monitoring

The subsystems designed in the communications and control system of the HBLR are - continue:

  • Ticket vending machine network
  • Fire and intrusion alarm system
  • Turn ON/OF the elevators of the train stations from the Operations and Control Center room (OCSR)
  • 24 hours voice video and data recording.

services 2bIn the next figure, one can see a typical design (installed by others) at a train station of the HBLR.

  • T1-Multiplexers (2 for redundancy)
  • Fiber optic modems T1 to Optical (2 for redundancy)
  • ISDN Modem For Video transmission
  • Power amplifier for the public announcements system
  • Telephone for intercommunication
  • Data modem collecting control signals from various location

The collected information from all subsystems of the sixteen  train stations, mentioned above, are traveling through:

  • the fiber optic back bone to
  • Fiber optic modems Optical to T1 (2 for redundancy) to
  • T1 Demultiplexers (2 for redundancy) to
  • the Operations and Control Center room (OCSR)
  • from where the HBLR’s preventing maintenance team can monitor and control all remote subsystems i.e. turn ON/OFF an elevator at a train station

For all mentioned systems, subsystems and equipment designed in this in the Light Rail project, OGC performed quality assurance tests complying with the ISO 9000 industrial standards.