Fiber Optic Network Services

OGC been in Communication Business with a deep understanding of the growing demand for broadband telecommunication links got involved in the fiber optic (FO) industry in 1999 through the fiber optic backbone of a control and communication project for New Jersey Transit.

Since then, Odyssia offers a comprehensive service for all aspects of fiber-optic installation from project management, through civil works to splicing and testing.

OGC’s FO network capabilities:

  • Metropolitan Area Networks
  • Last mile connection
  • Fiber to the home

The activities of OGC in the FO industry are:

  • Fiber optic cable installation
  • Fiber optic splicing
  • Fiber optic testing
  • Fiber optic repairs

OGC has done wok in the fiber optic industry for Metromedia Fiber Nertworks, Verizon,  FiberNet, and Bechtel.

Special Projects – FO combined with wireless

  • Fiber optic for LTE projects
  • Fiber optic for DAS-HUB projects